NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication – where to do & When?

The government has restarted the NSP Scholarship’s biometric check from August 22 to 25, 2023. This is to double-check the details of applicants and institutions before giving out scholarships. This decision was made after some issues were found with the authenticity of some institutes and beneficiaries for the 2022-23 academic year by the NCAER.

NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication

National Scholarship Portal 2023-24 – Apply Online, Check Status, Login, Last Date

NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication

Scholarships help deserving students pay for quality higher education. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) is popular for students seeking financial help. NSP has improved its payment system by adding biometric checks. This guide will explain the NSP’s biometric system, why it’s important, and how to use it. The biometric system, which uses fingerprints and face scans, ensures students get their scholarship money quickly and securely. By reading this, you’ll learn how to use the NSP’s biometric system and secure your scholarship.

Update Aadhaar for NSP Biometric Authentication?

Students need to finish the NSP biometric check for their scholarships by August 25, 2023. Go to the Institute Camps set up by CSC with the HoI and INO to do this check. You can also do it at the Common Service Center (CSC). If you don’t do the check, your scholarship application will be turned down.

Documents required for Biometric Authentication

If you’re going to the CSC Center for the scholarship biometric check, remember to take your NSP account info like Aadhar Card, Application ID, and login details.

Procedure of Biometric Authentication of Applicants

The CSC will set up biometric check camps at schools for certain students. Students need to give their Aadhar and NSP IDs for this check. The CSC will then check these details using the NSP system. If everything matches, they’ll take a live photo of the student. Once confirmed, the CSC will complete the biometric check. This data will be saved in the CSC system, and the NSP website will show if it was successful or not.

Re-validation by INOs/DNOs for Applicants

If the biometric check is successful, the INO will double-check it. If both the HoI and INO checks at the school pass, the INO will review the application again. Students will get a text saying their application is being checked again by the INO. If the INO doesn’t finish this before the deadline, higher officials (SNO/DNO) will review it. These officials can only mark the application as “Accepted” or “Rejected” during their review.

Track Payments NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication

Go to the PFMS website at https://pfms.nic.in/. You’ll see the main page of the Public Financial Management System. Click on “Track NSP Payments” on the main page. A new page will open. Enter your NSP Application ID or Bank Name, and type in the code shown on the screen. Click “Search”. You’ll see your NSP payment details on the screen.


Why is biometric authentication important for the NSP Scholarship?

It ensures that scholarships are given to genuine students quickly and securely.

What is the deadline for the NSP biometric identification procedure?

August 25, 2023.

Where can I do the biometric check for the NSP Scholarship?

At the Institute Camps set up by CSC or at the Common Service Center (CSC).

What should I bring for the biometric check at the CSC Center?

Your NSP account info, including Aadhar Card, Application ID, and login details.

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