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library of the college




i) The college library has a total no of 8500 books. The library subscribes 25 magazines, 18 Hindi / English Newspaper Daily & Weekly, 20 printed journals and 38000 E- Journals as well as 91,000 E-books for its users.


ii) The library has a sitting capacity for about 200 student in its reading section.


iii) Two books are issued for a period fo 30 days only, beyond delay fine @ Rs.1.00 per day per book will be charged from the defaulters. Books can be re-issued a shorter period if it is in great demand by the users.


iv) In case a book/books is / are lost/ damaged / torn by the user, he/she will have to replace the same by latest editions or pay actual cost with 20% extra of the same.


v) Reference books/newspapers/journals/magazines will not be issued in any case but the same can be consulted with in library premises with the written permission of the librarian. 


vi) The Identity cum library card is a legal document and must be preserved carefully. The same will be issued to the students form the library immediately after their admission in the college. In case it is lost, student should return the book/books borrowed in the library and submit a written request to the librarian about/for loss and getting duplicate card. An amount of Rs.20/- shall be payable for issued of duplicate "Identity cum library card." 


vii) Every user who enters the library shall sign the register in token of his/her acceptance to adhere to the rules of the library. 


viii) All belongings except purses and notebooks shall not be allowed to be carried with the readers beyond the issue counter. These shall be kept/deposited at the property counter. 


ix) A security amount of Rs. 100.00 (Refundable) is taken from the every students at the time of first admission in the college.


x) The college library has a well stocked Book Bank from where any student can get a book issued for the whole session on nominal fee by depositing refundable security for a particular book. For details contact Librarian  xi) The reader shall keep silence within the library premises.