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We are proud of the fact that our college aims at maintaining a healthy and congenial academic environment shall be free from the menace of ragging.

Ragging in the college campus is banned and any one indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately.

To deal with the menace of ragging an anti-ragging cell has been established at the college. All cases of ragging will be referred to this cell for prompt action.

Principal Message

I am delighted that Swami Vivekananda Govt. College Ghumarwin has grown one more year with its all sphere achievements, for which an educational institution is known. The youth today is at the cross road of prevailing sociocultural trends, that makes it hard for them to strike a balance between freedom and self restraint, wealth and wisdom, the material and the spiritual and knowledge and literacy. The superficial overpowers the real and one can easily get caught in the web of doubts and ignorance. Modernity, in its true perspective reflects progressive thinking. It does not reject conventional tenets, rather it encompasses the traditional and contemporary ideologies, that frame the grid of humanity. The young are associated with the idea of future, because youth symbolizes change, renewal, dreams and feelings of hope and optimism. So the youth should accept the modern thought pattern and blend it with those old Indian traditions which have kept our country going. I want students to come with some dreams and goals. Identify your area of interest and endeavor to excel in that. There is not much difference in the caliber of the students in a class but the main difference lies in the hard work they put in. An average student can excel through hard work. The college is an institution for all-round development of the personality of a student in the field of academics, sports, fine arts, social service, administration, leadership, conduct and national character and I expect my students to put their best efforts to realize all these facts. Just passing through the examination or to get a degree should not be the end product of your three years in the college. You must learn things here, that will prepare you for the challenges ahead. The students of this college have set a glorious record of academics excellence by begging merit positions in various University examinations and notable achievements in sports and co-curricular activities. I hope all of you will ponder over the above and follow the information and guidelines available in this website. Wish you a glorious success.

Dr. Vasundhara Rajan Bhardwaj

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